Alliances & Ecosystem management

Alliances are the critical success factor for companies due to the complex value chains and the demand of customers for complete solutions. So, the success  industry is dependend upon the development and management of sustainable, value producing, multidimensional relationships.

The impact of trust and the trust building process is an important aspect of development of a sustainable value chain relationship.
Also the importance of interdependencies and reciprocity will be discussed as well.

Our focus is on trust and trust development in the alliance context.
The value created for the client based on the collaboration between your company and your partners leads to a competitive advantage in the market place.

We are evaluating your collaboration especially into questions of trust building as a mayor focus, power asymmetry, information flow (forward and backward) and networking.

Our aim is to recommend actions to improve collaboration between your company and your cooperation partners, in order to improve the trust building process to gain strategic advantage over the competition.

We are providing a critical analysis of the interaction status quo between you and your partners.
It is also a pleasure for us to manage your partner ecosystem and alliances.
See us as a part of your team.